Our Garments


Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to creating medically correct compression apparel for the modern man with lymphedema that will inspire him to feel strong and confident. The medical requirements are obvious, but the emotional aspect of healing is important and often ignored. A positive mindset can often lead to a much better physical response.

Make A Statement

Instead of hiding your arm away in a hot and itchy sleeve, we believe that your lymphedema sleeve can make a statement about you as an individual and is a great conversation piece. Our solid color and patterned sleeves provide a high performance, cutting-edge alternative to boring beige compression garments.

Stunning Innovations

Our garments are designed to offer superior comfort and fit utilizing graduated medical compression for improved athletic and lymphatic performance.  


Moisture-Wicking moisturewicking-black.png

Cooling technology, with moisture-wicking, decreases the skin temperature by moving moisture away from the skin and through the fabric, resulting in enhanced athletic performance.



Skin Protection 

A fabric finishing process adds unscented Aloe vera moisturizing micro-capsules for added softness and skin protection.


360-black.png360º Stretch 

Allowing for a greater range of motion, reducing the tourniquet effect when bending at the elbow.


graduatedcompression-black.pngGraduated Compression  

All garments are available in 20-30 mmHg and 30-40mmHg graduated medical compression.



Diamond Gripper Band  

An optional latex-free, silicone-free gripper a roll-free grip at the top cuff of the sleeve, keeping the garment in place while staying active.



Seamless Knit 

Garment construction replicates a ‘second skin,’ for increased comfort and reduced muscle fatigue.



Made in the USA   

We are proud to be America owned and manufactured.



With proper care, LympheDUDEs garments last four to six months.