Garment Care


Caring for your garment as instructed below is essential to getting the full 4-6 months of wear.  Regular washing prolongs the useful life of the garment and maintains the ideal compression characteristics. 


To wash your garment, please place the arm sleeve, gauntlet or glove in a lingerie/delicates bag and machine wash the garment on delicates setting in warm water using a gentle fabric detergent.


Keep the garment in the delicates bag, machine dry at low heat until completely dry. 

Do Not:

  • Wash in hot water
  • Dry on high heat setting
  • Dry on any setting for an excessively long duration
  • Wring the garments dry
  • Hand wash
  • Dry clean
  • Use any chemical solvent or bleach, fabric softener or any other laundry additive
  • Use creams, oils, and lotions immediately prior to donning the garment

Doing any of the above can compromise the delicate nature of the fibers that make up your garment, can more rapidly deteriorate compression and lower the useful lifespan of the garment. For best results, we recommend rotating between 2 or more garments and washing the garments frequently in between use.