Donning & Doffing


How to put on and take off a sleeve:

  1. Turn down the top of the sleeve so it’s folded over itself.
  2. Pull the sleeve over your hand until the end of the sleeve is at the pictured position on the wrist.
  3. Gently pull the rest of the sleeve evenly up over the arm to the armpit. Make sure the sleeve is equally spread over the whole arm and that there are no constrictions or wrinkles.

To remove sleeve, hold the top of the cuff and pull down until it slips off your hand.


How to put on and take off a glove:

Put the glove on your hand and adjust the fingers by gently pulling each glove finger opening down to your nail bed, leaving the tips of your fingers exposed. Smooth out any extra fabric over the length of your fingers. As you begin to use your hands, the finger fabric will naturally fall into place and distribute evenly over your fingers. 

To remove the glove, lightly tug up each glove finger to loosen, then gently slide the non-gloved hand into the glove opening at the wrist to push the glove up and off the hand. This method will allow you to remove the glove without turning it inside out.